Chuck Armstrong

The main thing you need to know about Chuck is he’s a fan first. He was five years old when he went to his first concert—Def Leppard in Manhattan, Kansas—and he’s gone full speed or nothin’ ever since. Growing up, he was glued to his favorite rock radio station in Kansas City every chance he got, which often meant he was late to school because he didn’t want to stop listening. In 2011, Chuck started working with Loudwire. One of his first gigs was attending Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival in Atlantic City and over the three days he spent in AC, he interviewed nearly every single band that played. Of course, he was front and center for Metallica’s performance of Ride the Lightning in its entirety—the first and only time they’ve ever done that in their career. Throughout Chuck’s time with Loudwire, some dreams he didn’t even think were possible came true, from interviewing Rob Halford and Vinnie Paul to sitting in a room with Kirk Hammett talking about horror movies and guitar solos. He was slammed against the railing for an intimate club show with Nine Inch Nails and he still may have some hearing loss thanks to Metallica’s epic concert at the legendary Apollo Theater, all so he could tell the tales for Loudwire. Chuck actually helped conceive and build Loudwire Nights when it first launched, so it’s another dream come true for Chuck to sit behind the microphone and host the show. With his love for rock and roll and his deep appreciation for the men and women behind the songs, Chuck is ecstatic to share his fandom with you on Loudwire Nights.